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Lelehe’el, according to an ancient tradition, is my guardian angel.

Or rather, “our angel” - belonging to my friend and I. And to every other person born between 15th and 20th of April.

My friend and I, we don’t just share a common guardian angel: we were also born in the same year, in the same day. We are identical in every aspect, and this is pretty odd. 

Our height, weight, being left-handed, the 0 negative blood type, just to name a few.

Given that Lelehe'el hate losing, my friend always plays hard. Always.

There’s no game, given that he always wins. 

We’re like children, we love discovering and trying out new things, we enjoy having an audience and here we can be champions in anything we set our mind to, and even the idea of death is a champion in our brain.

Lelehe’el is generous, courageous, he loves helping others. That’s the reason why this friend always helped me during my “Days of Solitude”. He was my sidekick.

One day, I received an invitation from Italy - I could escape from Gaza. We decided to go away together.

The day we should have applied for a visa, he had to go to the hospital for an illness.

I had to decide: whether to go and apply for a visa or to wait for him to recover.

Still, he strongly encouraged me to go, promising that we would have celebrated together our next birthday. 

On the first day of my journey, we were identical as always, but with some details setting us apart: I was heading to Italy, while he was heading to the Jerusalem hospital to cure his cancer.

Nine months. Only nine months.

He was recovering, he was on the verge of blooming as a new person.  But he died.

He died while playing chess.

He played, and I lost -him.

Ever since that day, I’ve bee trying to lean how to play chess in order not to lose anymore.

And I am waiting.

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